About Dennis Michael


I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was one of nine children. Growing up as a middle child, I always loved playing my older brothers' albums and singing along with them. I soon developed a passion to write my own music. When I was 13 years old, I bought my first guitar and began to teach myself. That is when I began writing my first songs.


After years of writing, I began to play my songs at open mics; entering contests; playing on South Street; and various gigs in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Eventually, I made my way to the New Jersey Shore. I played my songs at outdoor restaurants; was given the opportunity to play at a blue's festival at The Garden's Basin in Atlantic City, NJ; was invited to play those songs live on 100.7 Radio Station; participated in an Earth Day concert on the beach; and then found myself in Nashville playing at the Blue Bird Café Roundtable.






As time progressed, I periodically wrote and recorded songs at home. However, after my mom's death on Mother's Day of 2012, I was inspired to write a song for her. Growing up, "I love you" was never verbally expressed. This song tells a story of how God granted me the opportunity to tell my mom that I loved her before she passed. After that experience, God led me to Nashville once again and I found myself recording my mom's song entitled Wings to Fly; I'm Alright; and Open Up Your Heart.


P.S.: Mom, you never cease to amaze me. You were always giving and even at the end you gave me such a beautiful song. While at the hospital, when I was crying and telling you that you need to get better, without the ability to sit up on your own, you found enough strength to pull yourself up, grab my face and was more concerned about me than yourself. I will never forget when you said, "Even when you guys were bad, I never stopped loving you". That was the moment when I realized what God's true love is.